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Who's winning the dog fight for market supremacy?
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The A320neo is proving to be a success with 736 (03/10/19) of aircraft in-service and 3101 (03/10/19) on-order. Entering into the market in 2016 with launch customer Lufthansa, it is fast becoming a workhorse aircraft for airlines around the world.
Looking at the engine orders across the world, it is evident that CFM’s LEAP-1A continues to be dominant and will be in a commanding position for the few years. However, Pratt & Whitney still have chance to close the gap by winning the remaining unannounced orders.
The two aircraft engine makers have successfully accelerated production in 2019 though they are still battling with supply-chain stress and initial entry into service issues.
Expert video
In this related video, Lionel Olonga, Aviation Analyst, provides an update on the current firm orders for the A320neo program and explores the current engine market share between CFM’s LEAP-1A and Pratt & Whitney GTF engine.
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Cirium’s fleets database consists of over 390,000 in-service, on-order, in-storage and LoI aircraft records. In addition, it provides details on aircraft owner, manager and operator by MSN or Reg. The power of these data points in combination with engine type and hours and cycles figures provides Cirium’s fleets customers with a comprehensive view of the global fleet.
For citation purposes, the data and analysis shown in this visualization are produced by Cirium, a travel data and analytics company. You are free to share, re-publish and re-use the data and insight, provided that Cirium is cited and where possible linked to cirium.com.
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