Airport weather impact

Disrupted or clear for take off?

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See the impact weather is having on delay and on-time percentages for various airports around the world
About the project
Adverse weather can negatively impact the departure performance of flights. This project highlights the potential for amplifying insight when we can link multiple data points together to get a more complete view of the situation. Displaying weather alongside airport delays creates context to what is happening.
This project uses the Cirium Delay Index API to get a current measure of departure performance for various airports around the world. It combines these analytics with current weather information from the METAR API and visualizes the information in a simple to use dashboard visualization.
About the data
Every 30 minutes, Cirium samples flights that are departing or have departed an airport in a relevant current time range. Using these observations, we consider the magnitude of delay, cancellations, and time of day to generate a normalized score we call the Delay Index. A low index (0-1) indicates that departures are running relatively smoothly while a higher index (4-5) is indicative of significant delays and flight operations disruptions.
METAR (Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report) reports provide current weather conditions at an airport. These reports include valuable information that can help illustrate why airports may be experiencing delays. Visibility, ceilings, temperature, wind direction and speed, and obviously weather conditions all may impact an airport’s operations. Cirium collects this information for most airports in the world and makes this information available through our weather APIs.
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