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About this Idea
This idea joins three powerful data sets to illustrate how an informed and personalized shopping experience can benefit business travelers, and in turn increase customer loyalty. What if travelers can get the insight they need to select optimal flights based on a combination of aircraft features and arrival performance?
The shopping experience already presents a series of choices and trade-offs for the business traveler. Selecting flights more likely to get to the destination on-time, while also sorting by flight features, means savvy road warriors can comfortably arrive on time. No more wondering if the flight will have the wi-fi and power capabilities to work while on the flight.
Using 3 separate APIs, we’ve experimented with new ways of linking together  schedules, on-time performance ratings and flight features. This is just one example of tapping into Cirium Core. This project combines the Direct Schedules API with the results for the route from our on-time performance Ratings API to deliver a measure of performance for the flights  on the route. Finally, it combines our Flight Features API to predict the aircraft amenities.
About the data
Our airline data and predictive analytics includes more than 5,000 aircraft configurations.  Flight Features offers one of our new derived data points by looking at real time  and historical flight schedule data (back to 2005) and fusing it with historical fleet data and our proprietary Tracked Utilization data portfolio,  to accurately predict the likely amenities available on a specific flight up to  three months into the future.  It’s simply the most intelligent way to help you present a  more complete view of all flight options so travelers make more informed decisions.
Our on-time performance ratings algorithm analyzes our historical flight information and calculates a rating for each flight that is relative to other flights on the same route. The rating is a merit measurement considering both on-time performance and delay severity.
The Direct Schedules API exposes flight data from the industry’s most comprehensive and trusted schedules and connection source. The data returned includes all the commercial non-stop flights between a given origin and destination as codeshare and wet-lease relationships. Schedules are available as far out as 11 months into the future.
For citation purposes, the data and analysis shown in this visualization are produced by Cirium, a travel data and analytics company. You are free to share, re-publish and re-use the data and insight, provided that Cirium is cited and where possible linked to cirium.com.
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