Travel waiver activity
Identify when and where travel exception waivers have been issued by airlines
About this Idea
Assessing if and when an airline issues a travel exception waiver is applicable to an active trip is a challenge. With the influx of waivers issued due to worldwide cancellations, this challenge has grown out of control for many agencies and corporations.
Putting this massive amount of data into a timeline animation allows us to see patterns in active waiver status. It also makes it easier to zoom out and get a sense of the global or regional impact cancellations have on a particular travel market.
This Cirium Idea can be used to check which airports are currently covered by a waiver, and to see how long they are covered. It visualizes how far into the future each waiver extends, giving travel agencies an idea of how many waivers are in effect for any given time period. It also informs airlines how their coverage of waivers compares to the rest of the market.
About the data
Travel agencies are overloaded with the hundreds of waivers coming to their Inboxes. The Cirium technology that ingests and monitors airline waivers not only processes new waivers, it is constantly checking for changes to details or re-issues and extensions to existing waivers. Since COVID-19 caused airlines to cancel almost all commercial flights, we have seen some waivers get updated 10 or more times.
Connecting flight history to the date range for a waiver is key in the matching process to fully verify the eligibility of each waiver for unused tickets.
*Important note: Before 17 Feb, 2020, COVID-19 related waivers were mostly categorized as "Other". A new category was created week of 17 Feb, 2020.
Why this change? When our team of data experts noted the increase in system-wide waivers, we made the decision to create a new category for epidemic/pandemic. This is just one example of how we continue to enhance the accuracy of our data since we began aggregating and standardizing travel waivers for the industry over three years ago.
For citation purposes, the data and analysis shown in this visualization are produced by Cirium, a travel data and analytics company. You are free to share, re-publish and re-use the data and insight, provided that Cirium is cited and where possible linked to
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